Wednesday, 5 December 2012

SCO Special Concert Months(Sept,Oct,Nov)

Hi there, so long haven't blog in for sometimes so this time I will post out just for you guys........

Anyway, I just went not once but three times for the Singapore Chinese Orchestra(SCO) concerts this year just before any happens(you know about the doomsday coming around conner....*sign*).

You see, my father had this illness on his foot caused for him to be send to hospital not once but twice(the second one was caused by unknown allergy medicine) last July. So this time, I went alone for the SCO concerts at least few times now.

The October concert was the Esplanade's 10 Anniversary since 2002 open then. The concert was the Singapore folk songs which was really  popular at the 1980s to 1990s before 21st centenary. Singapore folk song which is known as Xin You. It was interesting to know about the Singapore music in this country.

Before that, on 5th Sept 2012, was the Strings Harmony-An Erhu Recital by SCO which was part of the Chinese Chamber Music. The concert was taken place at the studio in Esplanade. It was the one night concert perfoming by erhu players from SCO group, Tian Xiao and Gu Huai Yan. So far the best songs are Czardas which was about the recruitment in Hungary and Erhu Rhapsody No.3( which is one of the popular song for music lovers and musicians due to the 2003 Golden Bell Award).When the Rivers Thaw in Spring:Movement 1 was pretty nice song but not as sleepy as this song, Reflection of the Moon on Erquan. Crap!

And lastly, I went the SCO Concert Hall on 3rd of Nov for the A night with George Gao. It was second night of the two day concert. Talk about George Gao, he was Gemini-award winner from Canada and now a world-renowned erhu performer and a renaissance man who has written and arranged music for movies, television programmes and Broadway musical. He also did collaborated with Grammy award  muit-winner artist and composer Brian Keane. His recently worked was the soundtrack for the three-part documentary, Becoming American-The Chinese Experience for USA network, PBS. He also wrote music pieces of erhu series; Erhu  Capriccio, Erhu Capriccio No.2-Mongolian Fantasy, Erhu Capriccio No.3-Dazzling Movement and Erhu Capriccio No.4-Gobi Fantasy which was recently one for this year Shanghai Spring International Music Festival. The Capriccio No.4 and The Moon on High was most interesting music that I never heard of     before hand. And The Silk Road was really great as this song was based about famous road known as Silk Road or Kumtag in China.

That's all I had for now. Next time round will post up on up coming programme really soon(thought I haven't decide on what to do on next......).

Thursday, 2 August 2012

SCO: Fiddl Faddle International(14th July 2012)

Hi there, so long haven't write down these days, quite a busy though.....
Anyway, last month I went to the concert at Esplanade Concert Hall for the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

At the Esplanade, you will able to watch every preformation from dance, music to other acts like hip-hop and comedy. At the hall, you will able not just take booklet or buy any items to bring home, you can order drinks or snack at the bar corner before you enter the main concert hall.

For concert that night, Erhu player, Wang Xiao Nan, Celtic Violin Christopher Stout from Shetland Islands,UK and Gypsy Violin Alexander Souptel from Russian. These were the list for that night concert:
1)Fiddle Faddle
2)Gypsy Rhapsody
3)The Sun Shines on Tashkurghan
5)Da Trows Jig(by Christopher Stout)
6)Michaelswood(by Christopher Stout)
7)Fuddkers Free(by Christopher Stout)
8)A Confluene of Voices
9)The Race of Three Fiddlers

One of the great moment when Christopher Stout played two pieces in one during the concert though I wasn't expect him to do that. Da Trows Jig was pretty simple in one piece, and Michaelswood was really wonderfully which I enjoyed it the most. Talk about the Gypsy violin that is almost same as normal violin, it can play in Gypsy music. That wasn't easy for those who want to try out on. Best part of all was The Race of Three Fiddlers which was later be on called by people. For erhu music, The Sun Shines on Tashkurghan was really great and so Paradise which was based about people in Shangri-La, China. The concert was really great that night.

Monday, 30 April 2012

L'Arc~en~Ciel concert(28th April 2012, Saturday)

Hi there, so long never write down for past one year since the last post.... Anyway, I posted this out for last week's event:

Last Saturday night was really great concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium . As this was my first time to be there to watch the J-Rock group from Japan(as they never came down here for 20 years before) but, I never had gone to this concert just for live preform since when I was in youth days.... REALLY NO JOKING! Oh well, I should have known somehow because you all young people these days...

L'Arc~en~Ciel, is one of the J-Rock group from the 90's. They are not only preform throughout the concert in Japan, they also sold their albums worldwide for past of 20 years in history. They are one of the few groups of rockers who still lives on for today's modem world in 21st centenary.

As I arrived from the MRT station, I went there with other concert people(the ones who came down to watch the live concert) just to enter the Indoor  Stadium . Once I found my seat, I had to wait for sometime before the show starts as many people just entered the concert area. During the waiting time, I just saw two ladies just right one level row away from where I seated. As I felt seeing two rows of empty spaces were kind of wasted so I asked them to move to row by sitting just next to me. At least easily for others to move front of the rows during the concert.

Once the show started with the lights out, everyone were standing out from seats for rock n' roll movement. That was really 'wow' factor for me!

And best of all, the music were really loud and clear ever with the kind of loud speakers! Ouch! My ears..... That's what I called a good music makes a real kick for rock n' roll. Some the members of the group ever done well for solo. Nice one indeed.

The funny part was that when Ken(lead guitar), was passing the bag that contained some goodies to their fellow member, Tetsuya as for their 20th Anniversary. I was wondering if these items came from Little India recently... You know what Tetsuya got was all these items; a pink melion soft toy, pink melion statues that came not one but two of them(one big and one small), Momopoly game(sorry if I spelt out wrongly) and ever a pink melion key chin.... Anymore.... well still have. When Tetsuya came out with his basket no one knows what was that inside till he pulled out of...BANANA!!(Eh... actually I don't like bananas though... sometimes I end up eating one of them.) Not only that, he ever took the candy out as well. Wow.... that was nice... geez... I wanted that candy... And he threw out to the people in front of stage. What's more, when the show was about to end soon, he took out again and threw out the bananas and candies to them as well as those people who seated at the side of the stage. He ever took out a water gun to speak out onto the front people... CUTE ENOUGH!

What I liked about the show was music that when they played the song tacks like the Seven Heave and Chase which is a newest so far. The rest of night was really fun after all.

To L'Arc~en~Ciel, thank you for coming here for night preform at Indoor Stadium, hope to see you soon on next visit. Cheers!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Two months after incident event......

It seem passed two months since the double incident of the event in Japan. First it was double natural disaster then later with the nuclear disaster after the monster wave.
Those were moment of the incidents that could be only being affect on both people in Japan as well as others from over the world.
I just remember something when I was in Hokkaido, Japan for the 10 day trip back then before event. I was with my aunt and younger sister of mine for the holiday trip. Although it was wonderful trip that we had so far expect of on the 6th day, that was a horrible of earthquake in Noburu.Usually people in the city don't feel any earthquak during the periode of time in March. This was my first time having the experience in Japan while on oversea trip. Anyway, I'm not joking...... And this was how it happens:
After the trip to Noburu, we went off to hotel to settel before going out to the Enroji Village by bus. At the village, there were many houses built back then in 1600s and there were excited places to visit including the ninja house, hunter shine(that's the cat shine mind you....) an ever hunter house filled with tales of ghost and monsters. And ever had the thearthe play at play house. But during the play, there was fishing going on in the play house. At first the lights that went on and off all the time was part of the show, I guess. Then few minutes later, everyone in the house had to move out from the thearther which was a cause of earthquake. Wow.... that was horrible. Later, we went out for lunch as I was hungry. But the food stalls were all closed expect other shops. Oh dear, I had to have lunch late with instead noodle. And we went stop by at the shop that sells sweets and crackers. And the lady in the shop was really nice, she served us a cup of drink for each. Hmmmm....... how wonderfully was that? Then the earthquake came back and we were terrible in shaking..... Oh crape.
And this doesn't seem to end yet.... When we returned to the hotel room, and had lunch quite late, there was a news broadcast about the earthquake. And I had a feeling that there might be a tsumati on the way if  the earthquake hits under the ocean bed.So following day, we had to get bus to Sapporo, the capital of Hokkdio.
Bad news, we just missed the bus as the train station had shut down due to the earthquake(Oh great thanks alot....crape!!).So we had no choice but to wait a taxi or stay another night which my sister didn't seem really like it. Luckily, we got the taxi and headed down to Sapporo. And guess what, he gave us a good price, 3000 yen for the trip down the road. Because of the earthquake, I think people were very concern about others which was very worry of course. But we were having a good time in Sapporo for three days. On the last day, we went out to the airport by afternoon as we had to catch plane to the Tokyo airport. While waiting for the entrance, I bought some goodies for my father's friend who he works as a full time volunteer of the mobile aid centre. By then we left by plane from Hokkdio to Tokyo after 15 minutes or so. And reached there for trafer. But almost got lost as we dropped by at the wrong station.We quickly got into another bus to the another station meant for international figlth. When we were reached to the gate, there were many people waiting for their plane to be taken off. And we had our dinner just before the departure time. Just sudden, there was a earthquake hit at the airport and was shaking very violate way. And ever made children very scare. Thank god, it took for a while before clear out the earthquake. I wonder how others were doing? Anyway, we just made it back home by earily morning at the Changie Airport.
Some how I wouldn't forget about the moment of earthquake in Japan. It just for passed two months seem quite uneasy for me ever when I see the news more often after the incident. And ever if I asked myself why I'm very lucky to be home safe knowing that this little country has nothing to experience any natural disaster expect of the flood and bad weather these days....
That is why I'm not complain about all bad services expect of bad teast in food from foodcourt. So be thankful for being safe country. I should have known better. This is a rare lesson for me from people in Japan. I guess I should lean some throughful for others. This trip was the second for me. The first trip was back then two years ago during Chinese New Year period. I will come back soon in near future. Thank you Japan, thank you Hokkdio! X)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Long time, no see you.....

Since way back last year, I haven't keep in touch on blog for long time due to the workplace and busy studies for the national exams(OK I passed for the N level English but... failed for the O level for three other subjusts).Anyway... I will start off with this blog called ComixArt Project since I created way back one or two years ago. I just post some of my artworks already but still I haven't post out for long year until now. This time, from this year onwards I will post out more artworks in next post(although I can't promise at least 100% for sure....)on ComixArt Project.
Right now I'm using this laptop(Ah yes, my new laptop since last year on Nov) due to the break down and worn out of the PC(which is what happened to my old PC....right....)I haven't use the printer cum scranner for the scranning the pictures. I wonder if this laptop works(cause my sisters also used this machine to print out through their laptop before).. U know what, let me try out some test with my laptop if see how it goes with that machine.
Until then, I will typing down on next post. Later..... >___<

NOTE: My new year wishs is to lose some weight by 8-10Kg of body mass. And yeah don't worry,I will find time to do next drawing before posting out on CA Project blog. Thanks alot and sorry for keeping on deny.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

SCO:The Three Snona Virtuosos

Last month (21 Nov 2009), I went to the Singapore Conference Hall with my family for the SCO concert. That night was good expect that one or two songs may not suit to me, which was damm boring.....-_-;
Anyway, the concert night feathered the music item meant for 'snona' which is looked like the trupter but has no handle to hold. It's just like the long pipe tub that is one thing. OK, I'm fine with that insturment but do you know this one can not only play in chinese music, it also play in westen songs as well and ever pop songs.
Here's the night's concert:
1)Tributet to Homeland
2)Water Margin*
3)Invocation to the Pheonix*
4)Seeking Dreams in the Western Regions+
5)Chelsea Morining+
6)999 Stalks of Rose+
7)The Dark Sky-with Suona, Ka-qiang,Kou Qinzi and other orchestra
8)Love for the Yellow Earth(solo)
9)Dragon Lantern II+
*Suona Concerto
+With orchestra
The 'Tribute to Homeland is adapted from many folklore for 'labelled turnes' which refer to melodies of different regional and historical background. Mix with in rhythm techniques and style of Henan's opera singing. Thus it creates very good portrayal of the vibrancy and beautiful sound from suona. 'Chelsea Morning' is origined from composer cum singer, Joni Mitchell. It is very carefree and passionable music which is later arranged for the chinese orchestra. As for '999 Stalks of Roses' which is means in chinese "Cioa bian cioa sian cioa mia hua"(sorry if I type hui ei pai for chinese words) was writen by Hong Kong singer Tai Zhang Xiao. It is the love song about the yearning for loved one due to sparation in distance. The 'Water Margin Capriccio' is the inspiretion from Chinese novel, "Water Margin" which is story about the heroes of this book. This make into three different movements; First movement-Bleak Future in Adagio, Second movement-Chaotic Happening in Allegretto Leggicro, Thrid movement-Chivalrous Dead Spirits in Adagio Lento Affettuoso Ed Appassionato. It contains full of braving story with tragic and dramatic in suona concerto. Therefore it brings full of amazing sound and great melody for this piece. 'Seeking Dreams in the Western Reions' which is form of Central Asia to Western Regions and mainland China with graceing melody to pizzicato in music technique.'Love for the Yellow Earth' was composed by one of the suona player, Zhou Dong Chao who he won for the National Chinese Instrument Composition Competition. It is about the earth with people from homeland and ever bring this courage spirits of people who live in very harsh conditions and able to dare a dream for a better future.The 'Invocation to the Phoenix' which was composed in 1996 from the inspirtional of the oil base painting series, Phenix Bathing in Fire. From slow and prolonged paste to the full range of melodie with the orchestra. This based of the legend of the phoenix which symbolise the spirit of people full of exhibhiting and yearning for life.(Which is why.... I don't find that clear with this piece. Turst me....x-x) 'The Dark Sky' based from the Taiwanese folk song, 'Ti Or Or'(means the dark sky in Hokkien) which full of light-hearted turne and exquisite lyrics. And lastly, 'Dragon Lantern II' is about the festivities with the Chinese. And one of them, the Dragon Dance is known for the common sight for many Chinese. Full in reluse, with its tail swinging, in battle, and in flight. The dragon-lantern is also portray of the dragon lighting up in lanterns with is believed to bring good fortune and happiness.
I actually like 'The Dark Sky', '999 Stalks of Roses' and the 'Chelsea Morning' so far as the best. But the 'Invocation to the Phoenix', is after all quite boring if you don't get used to this as it make you more sleeping than enjoyment to listen. *sign* ><;

Saturday, 7 November 2009

SCO: Colours of Music (SPH 25th Anniversary Gala Concert)

Last month, there was the Halloween night when many people celebrated the night of the dead and ghost. But on that night( 31st Oct, 2009) was the big event for the Singapore Press Holding Lte (which is known as SPH) as for their 25th Anniversary. Thus, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra(SCO) would be houner to perform the music together with the photochoreograhy, James Westwater for the first time of the event.
SPH has been doing the media papers for over 25 years in history and still keep on growing for the lastest news update. From home covers to world news, maketing sockets to sports and enterment. And of cause, is still growing ever now and then.
For the two night concert(which was fall on Friday and Saturday) the orchestra group were performed the musical right at the Esplanade Concert Hall(that was where I went with my family on that Halloween eve).
Here were the list for the night's concert:
1)Molly on the Shore
2)Rumanian Folk Dances
4)Vanishing Forest*
-The Lark Ascending(by solo violinist, Ling Yun Zhi)
5)Singapore Capriccio(by solo pianotis, Lim Yan)
6)Time Changes Light
7)Torrents of the River(by solo Guanzi, Han Lei)
8)Night Thought(by solo Jing Erhu, Li Bao Shum)
9)Engaging Moments-25 years of Photojournalism*
-Sea Source of Life
(Chour by SYC Ensemble Singers and the River Valley Chamber Singers)
*Photochoreograhy by James Westwater
One of the feather for the night's concert was the "Molly on the Shore" and "Rumanian Folk Dances" which was based on the 6 pieces of the suits from Transylvania and Eastern Hungary like Dance with Stick and Quick dance. The "Farandole which was composed in 1872. A farm boy who falls in love with a young lady from Arles. But his parents were objected for him a match. And due her revelation of her lack of virtue, he eventual went suicided at the end. While "Singapore Capriccio" was composed in West meets East in Singapore styet, "Time Changes Ligths" was based the concept of concerto which is virtuosic treatment of the various insturments that inspirtional of nature of photography and the Chinese orchestra. The "Torrents of the River" which was based on the folk music of the north-eastern of China where the story of an ill-fate woman who was seprated from her husband by force into the army and later died in a foreign land. She went searched for him everywhere despite of hunger and chill till she cried farewell for her late husband at the riverbed. The "Night Thought" was from the Peking Opera which traditional from Kunqu area. This was taken from "Wishes for a Mortal Life".
The main photochoreograhy by Mr Westwater, himself, was based the pictures that captured throughout from one place to another in means through music. The first picture, "Vanishing Forest" which was showed about the main forest that seem about the disappear in many years to come. That way was forced on the environment matter because the forests are known as green lungs which is however some of them may destroyed through cultures and other human activities. The music, "The Lark Ascending" was combined together with the rainforest pictures to give a sense of the evoke the whole world and the treasures of beautiful forest. The second work, "Engaging Moments" which was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of SPH. Those photos taken by photojournalists for past of 25 years in the making, were selected by Mr Westwater and combined with the music by the SCO people into the 'dance of light' throughout the main screen. The first piece, "Sea-Source of Life" is based about the history making of Singapore from early 20 century to the present of the modern days. The second piece, "People" showed about the faces of the people and other citizens who have been seen in everyday life. From one person to group of people that worthwhile into the society of life in Singapore for many years and ever more years to come.
Lastly, just before end of the show, the Orchestra group were playing the "Molly on the Shore" once more for enchore. Oh dear, guess everyone in the concert seem to enjoy the music concert all the way that night before the short talk at 10 PM later after the concert. >_<

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

SCO: The Best of Chinese Melodies

Last month(26/6/09) was the SCO concert at the Confernce Hall. I was there with my parents for the concert. This theme concert was based the some of the well known Chinese music pieces which were played over certain of years including feather the very old insturments from the family tree group like 'Zhu hu' which is the oldest and lowest turn insturment. The thing was that, the concert was performated only in two days. And we went there on the second day of the concert.
(Note: some of the concerts are held only in two or three days for many orchestra groups)
The list for the concert night:
1)The Surging of Turbulent Clouds
2)Green Lake in Sping Morning
3)Flowers Blooming Everywhere
4)Welcome the Beloved Army
5)A Beautiful Quit
6)The Bustling Docks
7)North Shaanxi Suite
8)The Rising Sun
The concert was conducted by Quek Ling Kiong, member of the SCO group.
Just let you know guys, one of the songs find that quite well remember somewhere. That is 'The Rising Sun'. But those who had not heard before, then I will tell you about bit of this music piece. 'The Rising Sun' was composed in 1964 which expressed the broad-mind of a warrior and his poundness feeling while embracing through the rising sun over the sea. This was combined into three diffenent themes in one piece. The opening theme was the sun that rising from the west. On the first part of the piece, 'My Hometown is no doubt a great place' which was originated theme song from the movie, 'Red Sun'(if you watch this before hand, you will know this song). The second part was the movement of hard-working people and playfulness of the innocent children. At the end of the piece, the famous theme, 'The East is Red' which was celebrating the future of the China. Whlie 'Crane in the Clouds' was composed for the musical documentary in 1980, the 'Green Lake in Spring Morning' was the composed by Nie Er in 1934 about the Kumming, Yunnan province. 'The Surging of Turbulent' was adapted from the Peking opera Azaalea Mountain. The main original pieces was made of series of opera turnes about the heroine. 'Flowers Blooming Everywhere' was based on the folk song of Shanxi about the farmers' spirit in transforming a barren ravine into a new farming village through hard work and perseverance. The 'Welcome Beloved Army' was written in 1964 which was based from the Liuqin Opera and Linqin Ballad of the Shandong people. This piece was about the welcome home of the Liberation Army. 'A Beautiful Quilt' was composed about the Zhuang women in a village place. 'The Bustling Docks' was composed in 1970 during the period of Culture Revolution in China. The prosperity by reflection caused by the fair trade and opening policy in the inital stage. And the 'North Shaanxi Suite' was about livelihood of the people with distinctive Chinese characteristics. This was original composed in 1949.
So much of enjoyment through music, was the dilightful peace that I had so far. Next round, I maybe go back for the next concert very soon!! ^_^

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Blue days..... over H1N1 illness

These days, the H1N1 got some nerve wacking for everyone in Singapore including the whole world. Speaking about the vires, most of us would rather nothing more than being Kasiue!(meaning nothing to lose)Anyway, somehow this problem seem getting down very slowly now expect of the dead troll that is. Quite scare about it but what to do.....? Hmmm..... looks like everyone in this city has to take part for the pervention couse. During pass two months, every clinites, hospital and ever home centian for the old and disable people have to take the tempreture for every visitors and ever in schools must take some precontion on every students down there. Great, looks like we a bit like Kasiue. That is why as some Singaporeans say, it's better to be safe than sorry. So I must glad that our govoument really know when we able to prepare for the couse. Thanks to that stupie vires.... When are we going be safe?? We not sure when, but let's hope that the worst is over soon....

Saturday, 20 June 2009

June session:SYCO Annual Concert 2009 and SCO:Jazz you up!

This month was really great ever thought we have now have some problems with H1F1 vires and Haze days(if any by chance).
The concert by youth orchestra and main Chinese orchestra was really happen the most ever for young kids should have spend some times of listen to the old Chinese music.The only thing was that I end up went to the Conference Hall with my whole family for the Jazz music last Saturday right after the youth's concert last week.
The Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra(SYCO) was formed back then in 2003 and was first played in 2004 (after year later).This year SYCO's concert, Young Voice was really good but only at the end of the concert was quite messing somewhere at the end of the concert.The list of item music for the SYCO concert:
Water of the Yellow River
Suite for Chinese String Instruments
Sights and Sounds of China
-Little Cabbage
-Green Willows
-Going to West Gate
-Gracing the Horse
Singapore Overture
Fishermen's song of the East Seas
The list of the item music by Singapore Chinese Orchestra0(SCO):
*The New Millennium of the Dragon Year
-1st movement:The Sun
*The Phoenix
The White-Haired Girl Suite
-1st movement:Smouldering Anger
-2nd movement:The Blowing North Wind and Rred Ribbon
-3rd movement:Dachun Joining the Army
-4th movement:Escaping from Hell
-5th movement:Celebrating the Victory
(combine music with SYCO)
*Note:Performated by soloists
'Water of the Yellow River' is usually played on few insturments to make the waves of the Yellow Rivers while the 'Suite for Chinese String Instruments' is divided into three parts: rubato,largo and presto.The 'Sights and Sounds of China' was originally based on the folk songs: 'Little Cabbage' was a song about a boy who was mistreated by his step-mother and was longing for his mother as he missed her so much.'Green Willow' was based from the animation and folk song known as Yangzhou though it's lyric was meaningless.'Going to West Gate' is one of the folk song that featuring people from their homeland in povertised huangtu plateau were forced to leave from their town and traveling to west of the country in order to make for their living. There are three diffenent version for this song, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia. One of them, Shanxi piece, was story about the couple who were unwilling to let go from each others as one of them was forced to go to the West. And the 'Gracing the Horse' is a Yunan folk song and one of the famous music in China.It was about the ridder who rids on his horse with his wipper in Yunan country side.The 'Fishermen's song of the Eastern Seas' was not only poupler folk music but also has been played this piece since 1959. This composed piece was divided into four parts: First section-Dawn, Second section-The Fishing Fleets, Third section-Wining a Battle Against the Strong Sea and Fourth section-A Happy Return with Great Harvest. These were part of the 'Fishermen's song of the Eastern Seas' and ever my dad liked this music very much.'The Phoenix' was based influence of the Chinese traditional music and was combined together with the Western music.'The New Millennium of the Dragon Year-The Sun' was comporsed for the New Millennium known as 21st Century as it was Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calender. This music was played along the traditional drums and western drums. The last piece,'The White-Haired Girl Suite' was adapted from the symphonic work of the same title, 'White-Haired Girl'. It was composed for the ballet story about a poor farmer Yang Bailao who was pressed for the payment of debts landlord Huang Shiren and could not rescue her daughter Xi'er from being taken away. This was composed of Huabei, Hebei and Shaanxi folk music. This was composed in 1974 which was during period of China's culture revolution.It was played in five movements: Smouldering Anger, The Blowing North Wind and Red Ribbon, Dachun Joining the Army, Escaping from Hell and Celebrating the Victory.Although the last piece was kind of messing somewhere but the Singapore Overturn was so far the best from the rest from the list. Beside that, the 'Sights and Sounds of China' was also very good music. At least the youths were did very well in their performation. And what else everyone should know is that the Ministy of Education(MOE) has joined in the collaboration with SCO as the part for the National Project of Excellence(NPOE) with the SYCO. Hopefully students will be identify for their talent in music so that they will able to perform in their near future.
Following the week, on last Saturday(13th June, 2009) was the Jazz You Up performated by SCO and the Jazz group from USA known as Chris Brubeck's Triple Play. This was their second time for Triple Play to play on stage together with the Chinese Orchestra. Their first performation in Singapore was really great so this time they came here to play with them again along with their poupler music such as 'Take Five' and 'Unsquare Dance'. Anyway, I was keen excited about listen to the Jazz music with orchestra so that was my first time to be there at Conference Hall.
Here were the list of the items for that day:
1)Strike Up the Band
2)The Mighty Mrs. Hippy*
3)Brother Can You Spare a Dime?*
4)Grassland Fastasy*
5)Koto Song*
6)Unsquare Dance*
7)Blue Suite For Harmonica and Orchestra*
8)Trombone Concerto Movement 1-Paradise Utopia

9)Summer Palace*
10)Prelude in D minor
11)Take Five*
12)Blue Rondo ala Turk*
*Preformation with Chirs Brubeck's Triple Play
Performation by soloists following:
Take Five by Han Lei(Guazi),Wong Sun-Tat(Erhu),Yu Jia(Pipa)
Koto Song by Xu Hui(Zheng) and Tan Chye Tiong(Dizi)
Most of the songs were composed and/or arranged by Christ Brubeck, himself expect for the first song,"Strike Up the Band" which was originated by George Gershwin.(Eric Watson was then latter adapted to this song) "The Grasslands Rhapsody" or known as "Grassland Fantasy" was originated the Mongolia folk song Pastoral which was why they placed in with the blues and the Chinese folk song as the main music piece because of the melodious Bossa Nova theme."Blues Suite for Harmonica and Orchestra" was the played with the harmonica instulmer which plays through the mouth(by placing between the lips onto the harmonica) together with the orchestra."Trombone Concerto Movement 1-Paradise Utopia" which is played by solo trombone with aggressive, lyrical, witty and flamboyant qualities."Summer Palace" which was originated played by Hong Kong pianist, Kong Hong Wei, later adapted by local composer, Law Wai Lun for the orchestra. So far, the "Unsquare Dance" which composed by Chirs' father, Dave Brubeck, was most likely very interesting but quite rare to hear that because its unusual note sacle, 7/4 and gave alot of confuess for most audiences and dancers during the earlier days. That was why Chirs wrote the lyries for the piece as it was mix the western music with the sumbarn rhythme. "Take Five" was played by Dave's band, Dave Brubeck Quartet which was known well fro groundbreaking composition since in the 70s. With Triple Play's version, takes a completely unique featuring jaw harp as well as guitar, trombone, electric bass and harmonica. This was written by Chris' uncle, Paul Desmond, the musical.(Note sacle for the piece is 5/4). Looks like I had enjoyed myself throughout the concert till the end. I do really wish to look forware for the Chris Brubeck's Triple Play concert with the orchestra soon! ^__^

Final Fantesy:Distant Worlds(Singapore Festival Art)

For those who went to the Singapore Esplanade Concert Hall last month(22nd and 23rd of May, 2009) for the concert, should read this post this time after the Singapore Festival Arts was over and I haven't post for quite some times so this time I would like to make a REAL comman about one of the progammes of this year festival.I'm talking Final Fantesy:Distant Worlds. YES, I mean for this concert event held by Singapore Festival Art progamme.....>@<
What's the best thing about the concert night on that day was really great! Well, too bad my sister didn't book on the second day for the concert as it was already fully book so we end up bought the tickets for the first day's concert which was on Friday, 22nd of May.
That day, I went together with my sisters, Esther(older sister) and Judy(the younger sister) to the Esplanade by MRT station from Hougang(from Northeast line) to City Hall interchange(North-South line) then walked through the underpass turrnal(which is known as City Link) before reaching the Esplanade. The programme was started at 7:30 PM and my sisters wanted to buy the CD of the Final Fantesy seriers so I just went up to the second floor and waited for them for awhile.By the time they gone to the booth, there were running out of CDs so one of them had to go up to the third floor to try her luck.Before concert started, just nice she bought it in nick of time otherwise....well, some super 'kasuie' people would have gotten the CDs before her.
Never mind about that, when we went into the Concert Hall, we seated at the second top corrner just right facing the main screen and the stage.Not the one of the first floor where seats were cause this might not see clearly if you seat on the middle roll.
What really best thing about the music concert most of the music item were all based from the well known game, Final Fantesy seriers. Especially from FF7 seriers,FF8 and FF1,2 and 3.Although some music I haven't heard them before like 'Maria and Draco' from FF6 and 'Memoro de la Stono - Distant Worlds' from FF11(online ver.), I liked one of music which was really interesting.....the Chocobo item song which runs under the series of Final Fantesy. The most cool item that players would not forget was the recomposed of the same song by added into a bit of Jazz was from FF10, 'Swing de Chocobo'. OK.....most of this piece is the same old thing that's all I know about.(NOTE: don't flamed on me about this...)00;
What really surprised most of audience was that a composer from Japan was here for the concert! And that was Mr.Nobuo Uematsu
. Mr Nobua or some fans called as Nobua sasen(means in greeting theme as Mr/Miss/Mrs) was not only that he could speak abit of English(which we had already forgiven him), he also down-earth person too just like us in normal life.He was just simply gentleman who happened likes to eat our locate Chicken rice after all.^^'
At the end of the show, there was on called going on and the Singapore Festival Orchestra once more played the last two items before closing end of the concert and one of them was 'One-Winged Angel' from FF7, everyone's most favour song.Just happened, Nobua sasen went up on stage to join in with rest of the choirs from Victoria Chorale and The Vocal Consort. He was not bad in singing through out the part of the song which seem to be pleause surprised.
Right after the programme, there was long quene of people at the autograph section waited for the conductor and Mr. Nobua, himself. Wow..... looked at them it seem like three of us had never see such quene before as many people were rushing out from exit door just before end the show.^_^;

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